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Every restaurant needs a full marketing audit!

You have an audit for liquor inventory, food costs, financials, labor costs, and more, but when was the last time you had a marketing audit? Probably never! It’s OK, we’re here to help.

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What is included in the Restaurant Marketing Audit?

Custom Video

You will receive a 10-20 minute custom-made video for your restaurant. Our marketing experts will do a screen recorded video walking through every section below and giving you live feedback about your online presence and a few of your competitors’.

Once you request the audit, it takes us about 72 hours to produce the audit and send you a private link to the video.

Competitor Analysis

This is probably one of the most eye opening sections of the audit. Provide us 2-3 of your main competitors and we’ll show you a side by side comparison of how your site stands up against theirs. We’ll compare website traffic, Google search and maps rankings, and ways they are winning customers from your business.

Every restaurant finds this the most valuable piece of intel we provide, so we start our audit with this section.

SEO Analysis

This is by far the most overlooked and least understood areas of marketing by restaurant owners and managers. Everyone who watches one of our audits thanks us for explaining SEO in a way that makes it easy to understand how it works and its value.

Once you see and understand how SEO works to drive tons of free traffic to your website, you’ll never look back on it again.

Social Media Audit

Ever wonder why some restaurants have thousands of followers, tons of likes and comments on their posts, and always seems to be busy?

There are a few key ingredients you are probably missing from your social media recipe. We’ll look to see if your content and engagement is where it should be. Plus, we’ll tell you what you need to do in order to improve it.

Reputation Management

Did you know the best way to show up in the Google maps featured businesses is to be featured in more business directory listings than your competition? Yes, it’s all about getting listed in the best general business directories and restaurant websites.

Next, we’ll check out your reviews and reputation across all online platforms that offer customer reviews. We’ll look through the good, bad, and ugly with tips on how to improve your restaurant’s rep online.

Website Audit

Your website is the single best revenue generating asset you have for your business. The only other thing that comes close would be the perfect location with endless amounts of foot traffic to walk in your door. Since that’s not always the case for most restaurants, your website is usually the first thing your potential customers see before deciding to visit.

There are a few things that could be holding your website back from being the tool it was meant to be. We walk you through a few tests to see if your pages load fast enough, if pages are truly mobile friendly, and if your pages are designed for conversions to get visitors to take action.

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Less Worries
Hours Saved

Most restaurants hire a recent grad, promote the hostess, or even hire an agency to run their marketing. How will you know if they have you fully covered or not when it comes to your restaurant’s revenue generating marketing? Could they be missing some key strategies or tactics in their execution? Of course, no one is an expert in all areas, so you need to at least know where the gaps are in your restaurant’s marketing so you can get ahead of the competition.

This audit and competitor analysis is a custom 10-20 minute video looking over every aspect of online marketing, specific for your restaurant and your local area competition.

It is something we have previously only offered to our clients who pay over $1000 per month for our marketing services. Now we are making it available to you for a one time fee of only $49.

We have helped open, owned and operated dozens of restaurants, bars, and nightclubs in the last decade. We always wished there was a reliable and repeatable marketing plan blueprint to open a restaurant and not miss any important steps or details. Unfortunately, there was not.

It’s so important to prepare your online and offline marketing before and after opening the doors. There is a long checklist of details which need to be followed in order to have all the elements of a successfully marketed restaurant.

Most restaurant owners get ripped off by web designers, PR companies, marketing “experts” and the hordes of snake oil salesmen trying to take your money. We’ve been there and want to help you avoid the snakes, save money and put your marketing on the next level!

So we decided to offer this restaurant marketing audit so you can now have access to years of learning and a quick analysis of your current status.

We are restaurant industry veterans, not just a few marketing or tech nerds looking to sell services to restaurant owners. We have been in your shoes and know both the marketing side as well as the operational side of the industry.

We have been involved with many successful places and a few disasters. What we learned from both types of experiences is now captured in this audit and what to look for in your marketing gaps.